Essential Modern Big Band Records
A non-comprehensive list of iconic big band recordings made after 1950.

Essential Small Group Jazz Records
A non-comprehensive playlist of iconic small group recordings made after 1945.

Afro Cuban Listening List
A non-comprehensive playlist of iconic Afro Cuban jazz recordings. It is a good place to start for the novice Latin Jazz educator.

Pedagogical Resources

Jazz Resources For the Educator
A non-comprehensive list of books, websites, apps, and other materials for the jazz educator.

MUS 322 Jazz Repertoire Project
This is a project I do every year with the Jazz Methods class at Western Oregon University. While I present it as an exercise for aspiring music educators, it provides a good framework for how to program your jazz ensemble performances.

Latin Jazz Survival Guide - OMEA 2022 Handout
This handout outlines how to deal with clave, latin percussion, and other elements of latin jazz style. It also provides a list of resources for further study.

How To Swing Hard - OMEA 2020 Handout
This handout presents a rough outline for how to deal with your high school or junior high school jazz ensemble. It provides repertoire suggestions, books recommendations, listening recommendations, and other resources for the jazz educator.