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It is audition season! Across the country, high school seniors are preparing to audition into various undergraduate music programs. There are a TON of great schools out there for the aspiring musician. Here are some tips for students, educators, and parents about how to navigate this process: 


You might have your heart set on a certain school or institution, but it is worth your while to check out multiple schools. There are a lot of differences between a conservatory, a…

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Routine, Warm-ups, and Why I Live in The Practice Room; or The Doc Severinsen Life Plan. 

There seems to be a certain amount of conflict in brass circles in regards to how and what to practice. What material is essential to the development of good brass playing? I'm going to be talking a lot over the next few weeks about what I practice and why I do it, so today I'm going to start this topic by discussing warm ups and daily routines.  
Many musicians today use the terms warm-up and routine interchangeably. Often times I will ask my students if they have blown routine that day and they reply…Read more

Fall Practice Routine 


This week I’m beginning work at the University of North Texas as a Teaching Fellow. I will be directing the 7:00 lab band, and working with Mike Steinel in the improvisation and jazz theory courses at UNT. A few people have asked what I’m practicing, and so I thought I’d put up my planned practice regimen for the fall of 2012. Many of these exercises I have taken verbatim from studies by Bill Adam, Robert Baca, and Pat Harbison. I have tried to design a practice routine that will not only continue… Read more