March 5th Birthday Show!

Hey, I've made it back from my recent travels out east and I wanted to thank everyone for the warm wishes over the weekend. I had a pretty avant gard trip getting out of Rochester New York due to a freak blizzard, but I made it out no worse for ware. We have a great show coming up this Saturday (March 5th) at Cafe Django in Bloomington and I just wanted to invite everyone to come check it out. I'm turning 26 this weekend and our Bassist Ken is turning 22 so this will be our very first Birthday Show. We're going to be doing a lot of the tunes that have become our trademark like Dear John, Inner Urge, and Moanin and we will also be playing some new stuff too. Come out this Saturday and check things out. Its going to be a great time!


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  • Cindee


    Wish I could. . . . .

    Wish I could. . . . .

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